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About Software Suppliers

Software Suppliers Pty Ltd.
Founded in 1983 by Bruce Lamb, Software Suppliers combines marketing, sales and distribution in one business. Representing software publishers in Australia and New Zealand software suppliers invests in carefully selected software product's success in this regional market.

Software Suppliers typically handles the entire process of establishing the product in the market through to merchandising and supplying resellers through to technical support and upgrades. Software Suppliers is typically the "Publishers local office".

Primarily Software Suppliers focuses on general purpose retail software that sells well in computer super stores. Other product areas include those that are sold via Value Added Resellers who provide for installation, training and support services. Software Suppliers takes on a limited number of products, so that full marketing and sales focus can be maintained to keep the respect that both suppliers and customers hold for the company.

Software Suppliers is a wholesaler and supplies only retail outlets and computer resellers from its facilities in North Ryde, approximately 15 minutes drive from the centre of Sydney.


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