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Here are some user comments:
What recent customers have said. Below are what some of our recent customers have said about our tapes. These are customer comments that we (AudioWhiz) have on file, used with their permission.

Feel free to use my comments regarding your A+ tape: "I ordered your A+ tape to make final preparations for my exam. I didn't know what to expect but I found myself answering every question. It brought back everything I learned in all my A+ classes. The questions included many good scenario questions and I am going to include them as a learning resource for all the classes I teach! I hope to see other topics coming out soon, thank you!" Evan Benjamin, MBA, MCP, MCSE, CNA Technical Specialist New York, NY

"Good morning Madam/Sir, the A+ Certification Audio Cassette is excellent. Listening to it daily I passed the A+ Core/Hareware with a score of 77, the Quality is Extraordinary and was a major factor with my score." T. Brewer

"These tapes are great! I passed my A+ last weekend and can say without reservation that your tapes played a big part in my success. I will be ordering more in the future. Thanks for your assistance....." S. Adams

"Thanks for the tapes. I just received those in the mail today. I just tried the Networking Essentials in my car and I am very happy with the purchase. KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD WORK! Once again thanks, and keep me inform of new releases." Sincerely, M. Lavado Concord, CA

"Just got your cassettes in the mail. They are awesome as I learn best via audio. I can listen and learn while in the car. They are the basics but the basics MUST be known to pass any test. Please let me know when you come out with more tapes." Thanks again, J. Phillips A+, MCP

" the tape is nice it is very helpful. Do you have any more tapes on the A-Plus-CORE and DOS if so let me know!!! I will be ordering other tapes but I'm preparing for the A-Plus test right now. Thanks for all your help. " "I also would like to say that the I have just started to study for the DOS part of the test and suddenly realized I knew some of the questions from listening to you tape, that was worth the cost right there, thanks alot." D. Short Maryland I just passed the CORE for A+ thank to you tape with 80%, now it's on to the DOS/WIN. D. Short Maryland

"I have just listened to your A+ Certi tape and am impressed. I know it would have helped me study for the Exam, which I passed recently, but now I am preparing to take the Win 98 test as I've already passed Networking Essentials and I was wondering if a tape would be available for it VERY SOON." "You may certainly use my comments on your tapes. I love being able to pass on news of a product that is helpful in passing these tests. I only wish that Windows 98 was available and am hoping it does become available before I take the test. If it does, I will be able to let you know how the tapes perform for a cram study before the exam. Thanks and all due respect for your innovative and money saving helpers. " Thank you. S. Valente

I received your products. It's the A+ and the MCSE core. I have so far listened to the A+ cassette. The content is relevant. The topics covered are exceptional. T. Bunkasem System Engineer/A+/MCSE-MCT Technical Trainer

I used your Network Essentials study tape along with cramsessions prep tests and I'm happy to say I pasted my Network Essentials examine last Tuesday. I feel your audio tape played a big part in my success. Thanks. R. Clark

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