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MCSE, A+, Cisco, Compaq & Novell exam study audio cassette & CDs for certification

Stop Wasting Precious Study Time!
Stop losing precious study time when you are driving, by using our study cassettes!As you drive to work listening to your tape, the narrator asks a question and then pauses to allow time for you to answer, and then gives the answer. These tapes are designed to reinforce what you are learning during your normal studying, as well as initiate a higher retention level during the learning process.

Repetition Embeds Information
Repeated listening, will embed the material in your mind, ready for instant recall.
After a few days of listening to your tapes, you will find as you are studying your other materials, that you are able to answer questions easier and know the material more thoroughly. Using this method you learn the material, not memorize it.

Learn More In Less Time
This study method allows you to learn more during your unproductive time, which frees you up to study other areas during your other study time, plus you reinforce what you are learning as well, and at a faster pace.

Increase Concentration
By learning through hearing, you have to concentrate to listen to the question, because of this, you will find that your retention and attention level will rise through the practice of striving to pay more attention. Listening and learning also brings into play another one of our senses. Hearing! We know from the experience of growing up that the more senses involved, the quicker we learn something.

Titles Available Now
Audio Cassettes & Audio CDs

MCSE NetWorking Essentials Q&A (Exam 70-058) Cassette Audio CD
MCSE WorkStation 4.0 Q&A (Exam 70-073) Cassette Audio CD
MCSE NT Server 4.0 Q&A (Exam 70-067) Cassette Audio CD
MCSE NT Server Enterprise Q&A (Exam 70-068) Cassette Audio CD
MCSE TCP/IP Q&A (Exam 70-059) Cassette Audio CD
MCSE TCP/IP Tutorial (Exam 70-059) Cassette Audio CD
MCSE IIS 4.0 Q&A (Exam 70-087) Cassette Audio CD
MCSE Exchange Server 5.5 Q&A (Exam 70-081) Cassette Audio CD
MCSE Windows 98 Q&A (Exam 70-098) Cassette Audio CD
MCSE Proxy 2.0 Q&A (Exam 70-088) Cassette Audio CD
Cisco CCNA Q&A Cassette Audio CD
Cisco CCNA Tutorial Cassette Audio CD
Novell CNA Admin 4.11 Q&A Cassette Audio CD
Novell CNA Admin 5.0 Update Q&A Cassette Audio CD
Novell CNA Admin 5.0 Q&A (Test 50-639) Cassette Audio CD
Novell Networking Technologies Q&A (Test 50-632) Cassette Audio CD
Novell NDS Design & Implementation Q&A (Test 50-634) Cassette Audio CD
Novell Service & Support 5.0 Q&A (Test 50-635) Cassette Audio CD
Novell Advanced Admin 5.0 Q&A (Test 50-640) Cassette Audio CD
Compaq System Technologies Q&A (#10-056) Cassette Audio CD
CompTia A+ Computer Technician Q&A Cassette Audio CD
CompTia Network+ Q&A Cassette Audio CD

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