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EDUCATION DesignCAD 3000 V11 - CD ROM 11
Educational version - Professional CAD software to make you more productive in less time.
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Brand: UpperSpace
Code: US69960403001ED Media: CD ROM Requires: Fast PC with good Graphics, typically Pentium II, 100Mhz or better, 32 MB RAM, CD ROM drive, Windows 95, 98, NT4 or NT5.
Working in 3D consumes considerable computing resources, faster processor, more RAM better graphics cards all improve performance.
Recommended Retail Price: 399.00*
Keywords: Graphics Computer Aided Design


Key Features:

Integrated 2D/3D modes

Integration allows complete design flexibility.
2D mode shows front or plan view in 2D space.
3D mode shows realistic 3D space with X, Y, and Z, and custom axes.

Solid modeling
Use solid Boolean operations to manipulate 3D surfaces.
Create virtually any complex surface with powerful surface construction tools.
Extend 2D objects with 3D construction features.
Easily edit 3D images with Scale, Rotate, Mirror, and Slice commands.
Extensive 3D dimensioning gives unlimited measurements in 3D space.

Internet ready
Place designs directly on your Web site with JPG, TIF, and VRML file formats.
Download and convert Internet graphics to DesignCAD drawings.
Email projects to other users directly from DesignCAD 3000.

Animation and presentation
Create true 3D walk-through animation with recorded AVI files.
Use realistic 3D texture mapping.
Smooth out jagged edges with new anti-aliasing.

Smart editing
Quick-edit box makes it a snap to change commonly used object properties.
Custom toolbox gives quick access to frequently used commands and macros.
Get realistic appearances with 50 new textures and interactive shading.
Task-specific options are easy to access with a click of the right mouse button.

Write, develop, and execute programs with BasicCAD.
Record and execute timesaving macros.
New OLE interface is improved and twice as fast as DesignCAD 97.
Customize keyboard shortcuts for any menu command or executable file.
Customize DesignCAD 3000 with Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C++.
DesignCAD Developer's Kit available for creating special features and functions.

Easier to use
Free 2D and 3D pre-drawn symbols included in every box of DesignCAD 3000.
Expert control for accessing symbols, bitmaps, or textures.
Improved drawing screen gives push-button access to frequently needed tasks.
Print different parts of each drawing at different scales.
Named objects provide brief command descriptions for easy selection.
Consult expanded on-line help for solutions.

More tools and features
Open DWG support with version-specific DWG and DXF export.
Read and save numerous file formats, including DWG, DXF, IGES, and HPGL.
Embed designs into other documents with Windows Clipboard and OLE-2 options.
32-bit architecture takes advantage of Windows 95, 98, and Windows NT speed.
Automatically calculate any number of complex mathematical expressions.
High-resolution output to any Windows-compatible printer is fully supported.
Auto-trace features direct scanner support and bitmap outlining.
Double-precision math provides accuracy needed for professional CAD designers.
Free and unlimited technical support is available for all registered users.


Educational versions available


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