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Everything that the vinyl sign maker needs in software, import, create, scan/trace, uses the thousands of TrueType fonts available for Windows, all the effects and the preview, printing and cutting options. And the best value!

Brand: ViaGrafix Sofware Division
Code: VGVIN9EDOC Media: CD ROM Requires: Windows 95, IBM or compatible PC with a 386 processor or higher; 6MB RAM. Recommended:- 486DX or Pentium processor; 8-16 MB RAM; Mouse; SVGA monitor capable of at least 800x600 resolution; Math coprocessor
Recommended Retail Price: 75.00*
Keywords: Graphics Sign Making

Details: Makes signs, logos, graphics and more with ease
VinylCAD offers drawing features that will allow you to create any type of graphic you can imagine. In a competitive environment, sign shops often find it necessary to create specialised graphics. Customers are demanding better products! VinylCAD allows you to draw anything you or your customer can possibly conceive! Remember the people who produce VinylCAD also produce one of the most popular CAD systems for engineers and architects. VinylCAD contains these same drawing features. The software you choose for your sign business should not limit you to "letters only" signs. If your shop can only produce "letters only" signs, you will be sending business to your competitors. With the comprehensive set of drawing tools found in VinylCAD you will never turn business away again!

New in version 4.0 for Windows 95/NT:

  • Filled Fonts and Objects - Fill text and drawings with gradients, solids, even patterns! Impress your customers with a preview of these on-screen effects.
  • 3D Effects for Text - Make your text jump right off the sign. Use gradients, solids or even wireframe to create powerful effects. Shadow your text for stunning results!
  • Dimensioning - New dimensions for accurate labelling of your designs! you will always know the size of the sign and all its components.
  • TrueType Font Support - Enjoy the flexibility of choosing from the thousands of TrueType fonts available today and includes over 300 useful, decorative and quality TrueType fonts.
  • On-screen Rulers - Use on-Screen rulers for accurate sign creation! You will always know the scale of our design with this great scaling tool.
  • Inline and Outline Fonts - Produce exciting font contours in custom colours.
  • AutoTracing - A great feature for using an existing logo design without rebuilding from scratch.
  • Easy to Use - The Windows 95 interface makes VinylCAD easier to use than ever!

Key Features and Benefits
Drawing - With VinylCAD you can draw many different types of lines including parallel lines, perpendicular lines and orthogonal lines. Draw numerous types of arcs and circles. Draw quarter circles, semi-circles and more. With the VinylCAD "Sketch Mode" you can let your imagination run wild!
Editing - VinylCAD will allow you to bend, erase, extend, trim, rotate, move, copy, break, and even smooth existing lines, curves and arcs. You may Drag and Drag with Copy anything you draw to another location. Need a special shadowed text? No problem! Use the drag with Copy feature to drag a copy of the existing text into just the right location to create that special effect! No other software offers the flexibility found in VinylCAD. Without these important features, creating custom graphics would be impossible.
Proofing - VinylCAD will produce absolutely amazing drawings on an ordinary dot matrix, inkjet or laser printer. With VinylCAD you may produce draft copies of sign designs before the first piece of expensive vinyl hits the floor!
AutoSign - Select the AutoSign command and VinylCAD will ask for the size of the sign and the text to be used. You can specify left, right, or centre justification. A few simple commands and a sign is created. Nothing could be easier!
Text distortion - Unparallelled! No other program offers more capability than VinylCAD. With the ability to fit text to four entities it is possible to twist, stretch, warp, map and fit text to almost any conceivable shape. Commands such as "Text Fit" allow you to fit text to any four lines or curves. In fact, you may fit drawings as well as text in the same manner!
Cutting - Once you complete the design, you may cut with a variety of options. You may enlarge or shrink the sign after the final design and before the cutting process begins. You are not locked into a set size! With many systems a sign will cut, only to find that he vinyl was improperly loaded resulting in a wasted sign. This will not happen with VinylCAD. VinylCAD offers a "Preview" command that will cut the sign without lowering the cutter blade. This feature can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the system!
Panel signs -Create very large signs - Most vinyl cutting machines limit sign width to 15-48 inches. While adequate for many jobs, large jobs require the ability to produce signs in small sections that can be pieced together. VinylCAD offers such a capability. Signs for large trucks, buildings and large political signs are all possible with VinylCAD. With VinylCAD you won't have to turn away business because the job is too big!
Layering - VinylCAD offers extensive layering capability. Using VinylCAD's layering system you can create basic sign layouts and place variations on top of the basic design. This is similar to placing see-through mylar sheets on top of one another - building up the design one element at a time!
Layout grid - VinylCAD offers a very flexible snap grid. With the VinylCAD snap grid you may specify the grid size as well as the type of grid you would like. You may also configure the program so any items placed on the grid will snap to a gridpoint. Using a grid will simulate what you already do on paper, but with the power and precision of a computer.
"Zoom" and "Pan" capabilities - VinylCAD features the same zoom and pan capabilities available only on full-blown CAD systems! You may zoom in on any location at up to 100,000 magnification. The "Zoom Window" command will allow you to enclose an area which will then be enlarged to completely fill the screen. The zoom and pan commands allow you to create a sign of unlimited size on even the smallest of computer screens!
Rotate text and drawings - Yes, of course! VinylCAD offers a tremendous amount of flexibility in text and drawing rotations and distortions. While text rotations and distortions are not used on every sign, they determine which jobs can, and which jobs cannot be handled by your shop! VinylCAD's truly amazing distortions will insure that NO job will ever leave your shop because you cannot handle the situation!
Scanning - VinylCAD offers full scanning capabilities. VinylCAD features built in raster-to-vector conversion capability. This means artwork can be scanned and converted to a form useable by VinylCAD.
Tracing - Raster-to-vector conversion - When your scanner scans a drawing it reads dots on the paper at a resolution of about 300-400 dots per inch. The file the scanner produces consists of these dots and is known as a "raster" file. These types of files are used with paint and desktop publishing programs. These types of programs do not require the mathematical accuracy necessary for a program such as VinylCAD. It's necessary to convert these less accurate files to a type which is suitable for our use. These types of files are referred to as "vector" files. If your magnify a raster file you would find the dots in the file simply become larger. If you magnify a vector file you find a line or entity exists. No matter how far you magnify the file the line will always remain a line. You will never see a series of dots. Through a complicated mathematical process using Limited Artificial Intelligence (LAI), VinylCAD converts these dots into lines. Because the scanner resolution is somewhat limited the process is not perfect. In almost all instances, however, the scanning/converting process is faster than redigitizing the original image.
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