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Password Recovery Programs (from Access Data)

Why are Password Recovery Programs needed?
There is a glaring need for computer security. Software developers have incorporated security functions for that reason. It is also true that passwords are lost by legitimate users for various reasons. And, unfortunately, files are rendered inaccessible for unsavoury reasons such as the disgruntled employee refusing to disclose a password. Because businesses rely on immediate information access, it is logical to have an immediate solution to recovering passwords and enhancing security.

Password Encrypted Files
Do you use the password encryption facilities in your programs and have problems with lost or misplaced passwords?

Our Password Recovery Programs will enable you to retrieve passwords that have been lost or forgotten and unlock your password encrypted files.

Do you not use your program's password encryption facility because you might forget or lose the password?
We recognise a need for enhanced file security. For many organisations the major deterrent to using the security features in programs such as WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 is the fear of rendering crucial files inaccessible by losing or forgetting passwords. Our Password Recovery Programs recover lost passwords and, thus, access locked files allowing users to feel secure in using passwords to lock confidential files.

How do they work?
Password recovery is accomplished by correlating various statistical models with frequently occurring patterns in the encoded file. This process of analysing an encrypted file to determine an unknown password is known as "cryptoanalysis".

When to use the Password Recovery Programs?
For the routine security needs of the average office, password protection is very effective. It can keep personnel from prying into files that they should not have access too. Every business has information that is not meant for total access. Personnel reports, payroll information, confidential memos and other items should be rendered inaccessible to prying eyes but remain accessible to authorised personnel.
These daily security needs of the average office are what make the Password Recovery Programs invaluable tools for any office administrator.

Who can use the Password Recovery Programs?
The programs feature a security measure to protect against unauthorised use. Each copy has its own unique security code. This allows the programs to be stored on either a network or a hard disc drive without the risk of unauthorised access. Before password recovery can begin, the security code must be entered. Keep the security code confidential and you will be the only person who has access to the software thus eliminating all chances of any unauthorised persons retrieving passwords.

Extra Security
Some organisations may be concerned about the use of Password Recovery Programs by unauthorised users. For this reason a security character has been chosen that, if included in the password, will prevent the Password Recovery Programs from revealing that password. This gives you the ability to completely secure certain documents against unauthorised access.

The Password Recovery Programs have been used successfully to retrieve documents written in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Passwords which contain international characters can be successfully recovered. Please contact us regarding other languages and character sets.

What software do you have?
There are several software packages available.
Modules - These are available for the most common software, namely Word, WordPerfect, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Paradox, Q&A, Quattro Pro, Ami Pro / Word Pro, Approach, QuickBooks, Professional Write, DataPerfect, ACT!, Xtree Gold. There is a Personal Recovery Module that is a single software product that recovers passwords for Quicken, MS Money, Lotus Organiser, MS Bob, Ascend, Scheduler Plus. Network Access Utilities for Netware and another for NT.
Additionally there are several kits available that combine modules into a single kit.

Is there anything that I can do to improve the performance of passwords?
As indicated earlier, Access Data's password recovery works on cryptographic algorithms. Additionally you may present the software with a list of likely passwords which it will use. There are also available several word lists (Dictionaries) that are recommended to be used that often improve the speed of the recovery process. These are available for free download:

Please note that you will need to unZip these files once you have brought them down to your PC. If you do not have an UnZipping program you may download a Free Evaluation versions of ZipMagic or PowerDesk Utilities 98.

Support and Upgrades
Typically upgrades are available at 50% of the prevailing recommended retail price. Ongoing updates may also be obtained automatically by taking advantage of the Subscription plan which provides all updates for one year. Subscription plans are typically 50% of the recommended retail price of the password recovery software and may be purchased at the time of original purchase or upgrade (if you do not have the current version). Subscriptions provide you with access to our web site to download the latest version, plus we typically ship you 2 physical updates per year.

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